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Trap Shooting is a form of clay target shooting. It is a game of movement, action and timing. It requires the accuracy and skills to repeatedly aim, fire and break a 4 inch clay target flying at approximately 42 MPH in a rising and going away flight. This form of clay target shooting represents the

flight path of a game bird fleeing a hunter.The object is to break the target before it hits the ground no more the 52 yards away.


Trap shooting is a game that can be played by all folks no matter age or ability as it is similar to golf in that each person is trying to shoot their own score one target at a time.


A perfiect game is 25 clay targets broken in 25 shots by an individual shooter. The game of trap is shot 5 shots per post, peg or station 5 stations total, all being postitioned along varying degrees of a circle so each station has it's unique characteristics, some more difficult than others. As many as 5 shooters at a time shoot trap.



Trap Shooting Disciplines



Singles as it is called is shot from 16 yards which is the furthest point forward on a Trap field. This is considered to be the easiest of the 3 disciplines of Trap. In a competition shoot all entrants shoot singles no matter what their skill level is.



Handicap is considered the hardest and most prestigious of the 3 disciplines of Trapshooting. Handicapping a shooter is a method of equalizing competition amongst shooters. A more skilled shooter will be handicapped by shooting further away from the Trap house than other shooters of lesser skill level, as far as 27 yards away from center of the Trap house.

These handicap yardages vary from no less than 18 yards to 27 yards.



Doubles is nothing more than a modified version of singles, but has an added difficulity rating as the shooter must break both targets before they hit the ground instead of just the single target. In doubles the target path of both targets remains the same. The trap machine does not sweep left to right during doubles. Each target is scored on an individual basis with the shooter having to shoot only once at each one. Shooting  double Trap requires a shotgun that will fire 2 shells without having to be reloaded.


Fun Trap Facts

1750   Trapshooting originated in England.

1831   The first offical records were kept of Trapshooting in America at the Sportsmen's club in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1880   The clay target was created by George Ligowsky, also in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1900   The first Grand American was held at Interstate Park in Queens, New York.

1911   Doubles Trap was first introduced.

1913   The first women's Trapshooting club was formed at the Dupont Gun Club in Wilmington, Delaware.

          Trap is currently the third fastest growing sport.


The Yolo Sportsmen's Association offers 3 Trap fields with automated voice calls and token operated for your shooting enjoyment. Ask our Range Officers or management if help is needed.

12 & 20 guage shot shells are available in the club house at competitive pricing

No other ammunition is available

Fee Schedule for Trap

DAY FEE $3.00 (1 time fee for use of shooting ranges)

Members- $ 5.00 per round

Non Members $7.00 per round