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YSA CLUB © 2014 • Privacy Policy

YSA CLUB © 2014 • Privacy Policy

YSA CLUB © 2014 • Privacy Policy

YSA CLUB © 2014 • Privacy Policy

YSA CLUB © 2014 • Privacy Policy

YSA CLUB © 2014 • Privacy Policy


Once  you have arrived at our club and have checked out all the amenities our club has to offer and you have decided to shoot on one of our many ranges, feel free to meander over to the clubhouse, pay the range fees and sign the sign-in sheet. If you need ear and eye protection you can purchase them at the counter. Now you are ready to head to the range.


As you enter the range area our club range rules are posted on a large sign. It is very important that you stop and read these rules very carefully.The club rules are for everyone's protection, including yours. Following the club's range rules and etiquette are important in maintaining a safe and friendly enviroment on the range. If you have any questions simply look for one of the club's Range Officers. They are wearing bright yellow shirts and are more than happy to answer all your questions. During your visit, if you see someone who is being unsafe, or is in some way not following range rules, it is very important that you notify the Range Safety Officers immediately.

Also, before you enter the fenced area of the range, be sure that you're wearing both you eye and ear protection. You may hear these being referred to as your "eyes" and "ears".

Then you can proceed to whichever range you prefer to shoot, the 7 yard, 15 yard, 25 yard,

50 yard or the 100 yard.


Before you leave your shooting station, be absolutely sure your firearm in unloaded and safely stored in it's bag or case. Clean up your shooting station and remove all of the items that you brought onto the range and take them with you. Do not remove your eye and ear protection untill you have left the shooting area.



No rifle or pistol ammunition is available for sale



Yolo Sportsmen's Association  


Rifle & Pistol Range Rules


YSA Rifle & Pistol  Range Rules




1. You are required to know all the rules and commands before shooting.


2. Shooters will cooperatively carry out the range firing instructions when the Range Officer is not present.


3. All shooters must sign in before shooting. Carry firearms unloaded, actions open, finger off the trigger and muzzles up.


4. Ear and eye protection is required on all ranges.


5.  A whistle blown or verbal cease fire  means STOP shooting immediately.


6. After a cease fire or line clear is called, all shooters will make their guns safe by removing the magazine from all

   guns, locking the action open, placing your chamber flag in the action and placing the gun on the table with the muzzle

   pointed down range, chambers visible for inspection. Then step behind the yellow line.


7. When SAFE / CLEAR ON THE LINE is called, all persons wishing to go down range may do so. Those people not going down range

   shall remain behind the yellow line and will NOT handle anything on the benches.


8.  CLEAR TO FIRE shall be called before anyone steps over the yellow line, or goes toward the benches and commences firing.

    At this time you may handle you firearms.


9.  All firearms, shall be racked when not in use, with actions opened.


10. Muzzle-loaders shall not be capped or primed untill ready to fire.


11. Only single trigger pull firing is allowed.




12. Shoot at approved targets in frame directly in front of you.


13. Range Officers, Managers and Club Officers have absolute control of the facility.


14. Illegal fireams are NOT permitted.


15. No person under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be allowed to shoot.


16  No alcoholic beverages will be allowed inside the fences at any time.





17. YSA policy requires knowledge of the English language in order to read the YSA safety Range Rules. If the shooter cannot      

      read and speak the English language the shooter must provide their own interpreter.


18. No person under the age of 18 may shoot on YSA ranges unless accompanied by and under the direct contact supervision of an

     adult at all times.


19. No targets shall be used on the rifle and pistol range that are larger than YSA cardboard.


20. Do not use more than one target per frame.


21. Do not use more than one frame per person.


22. No targets are to be nailed, stapled or otherwise permanently attached to the target frames.


23 Spent lead shall not be removed from the backstop embankments.


24. Before using a chronograph, be sure the bullet impact will always be in the embankments.


25. No person shall be allowed behind the embankments or anywhere near the bullet embankment areas during firing.


26  The ranges will be closed to all persons except for contestants during YSA designated events.


27.  YSA will NOT be responsible for lost or stolen items on club property.



No deviation from these rules shall be allowed without prior authorization from the YSA Board of Directors.


We recommend no eating, drinking or smoking while shooting.