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      Yolo Sportsmen’s Association sponsors a junior rifle team for young athletes between 12 and 18 years of age. The team meets twice monthly on Saturday mornings, starting in September and ending in May.  The team shoots NRA sponsored .22 caliber bolt action single shot rifles. All are equipped with adjustable rear aperture sights and globe front sights. All rifles are equipped with front sling swivel and a single point sling for prone and kneeling position shooting. Limited numbers of Anschutz competition rifles are available. YSA and NRA provide the ammunition.

   During our twice-monthly shoots, athletes shoot a 60 round, 3 position course of fire. The team shoots follow the Winchester/NRA 3 position smallbore rifle program.



   Classroom training in our clubhouse includes firearm safety and marksmanship skills, and SCATT electronic training methods. Other covered skills include sportsmanship, teamwork, attitude, target shooting culture, and respect for country. Team oriented fun shoots that include biathlon, Reindeer shoots, zombie target shoots, lifesaver shoots, and splat targets are included in some of the weekly shoots.


  The final shoot of the year includes a potluck luncheon and a chance to shoot higher powered, larger caliber firearms, and black powder muzzle loading rifles.


  Intrasquad and NRA/CMP approved Intrasquad competitions using club supplied equipment are available to interested athletes.


  Parent participation in range safety and coaching are welcomed and expected.

Supervisors of the program are NRA certified Range Officers. Two are level 1 certified rifle coaches by USA Shooting and NRA. All coaches and administrators have experience with competitive shooting. Administrators of the program currently include:

Lisle George

( lwgeorge@ucdavis.edu )

Blake Bennett

Ronald Morales


Cost of the program currently is $15.00 per shooting year per shooter.



Yolo Sportsmen’s Association Junior Rifle Team

2016-2017 JRT at CMP Summer Airgun Camp, Sutter HS.

2016 2017 JRT

2016 JRT NRA Postal Match

JRT practice standing position

JRT members practicing the kneeling position

Todd Cullen and Adin Nilsson display medals earned at the Knight’s Landing

Jr. Sectional