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Sporting Clays Shooting

The Yolo Sportsmen's Association offers a small but challenging sporting clays course of 12 stations (usually) 11 stations of 4 targets and the last station is 6 targets for a total of 50 targets, shot during daylight savings time each year. Thursday evenings starting at 4 P.M. YSA changes the targets during the course of the shooting season so it is always a challenge. Sporting clays is a game that can be shot with any gauge shotgun, the smaller, the more challenging the game becomes.


20 and 12 gauge shot shells are available in the club house at competitive pricing.

No other ammunition is available.


Fee Schedule

DAY FEE $3.00 (One Time fee for  use of the shooting range)

Members - $13.00 per round

Non-Members- $16.00 per round


 Sporting clays is another form of clay target shooting, that is much different then the standard games of skeet of trap. Sporting clays has been known to be called golf with a shotgun. A sporting clays course is set up over natural terrain, with clay targets thrown for the shooter in all kinds of different presentations. Sporting clays courses are a series of stations set about the landscape with clay throwing machines set up to throw targets for that station. Normally these courses consist of 50 to 100 targets to complete the course of fire. In the games of trap and skeet targets are repeatable, whereas sporting clays thrives on the unpredictability of live quarry shooting as it gives the shooter a wide variety of targets with different speeds, elevations, angles and distances all designed to stump the shooter. Most stations consist of 6 to 10 shots each.

Targets can be thrown as singles, following pairs, report pairs or real true pairs.



Sporting Clays Fun Facts


1925: First British Open, England's premier sporting clays competition.

1980: (July) America introduced to sporting clays by Bob Brister with a feature article in Field and Stream Magazine.

1980: (September) The first sporting clays shoot held at Remington's Lordship Gun Club in Connecticut.

1982: The oldest sporting clays event that is still running today.

1989: National Sporting Clays Association formed to promote the game.

More than 3 million people shoot clays in America.